SUVIDHA INFRAESTATE CORPORATION LIMITED has been founded in the year 1992 on a vision to usher a better tomorrow by building great and amazing structures to make life worth living! The company has completed 26 glorious years of success and achieve the label of masters in the field of engineering and infrastructure development. With its unique background, vast experience and commitment to qualitative and quantitative growth, SICL has set excellent trends in the infrastructure sector in the Indian market.

SICL engineering progress has been possible due to its time-to-time strategic investments, strong technical capabilities and highly skilled employees, truly reflecting the growth in every step. Not only does the company have strong experience to be proud of but also have the future hopes and aspirations of the professionals as guidance. The company is also intensely committed to contributing towards the society and environment in adherence to all the specified norms.

By using external and peer benchmarks, we identify gaps and develop more integrated and holistic set of goals and targets to drive sustainability further into our core business processes. We are confident that with our versatile, revolutionary and technology led efforts, we will meet the exacting standards and requirements of the Indian market.”